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We will handle the pests, so that you can take care of the rest

Let’s face it, pests exist everywhere, but they don’t belong in your place of business. Imagine the negative impact on your brand when your customers sight a pest issue, the consequences can be detrimental and live long. Apollo’s Pest Management Professionals are trained to eradicate pests in any environment, be it in a school, hotel, day care, hospital, shopping mall, office space, warehouse restaurant or a food processing plant. When the safety of your employees, customers, products and community is at stake the deployment of safe pest control measures becomes even more important than merely getting a quick and cheap pest control service done. A minor negligence in this respect may cost you a loss of valuable customers and employees and above all – loss of reputation. Our expert PMPs are fully licensed and undergo routine training to learn about the latest in regulations, products and tools. Our PMPs will customize safe and effective pest control program that is unique to your business.


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    An Apollo Pest Management’s PMP will conduct a thorough inspection of your commercial establishment to determine what pests are active and where they may be entering from. He or she will help you understand any sanitation or structural concerns and come up with an effective solution to rectify your pest issues.

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    Pest Control Service

    Its time to put the plan into action! We will provide interior and/or exterior treatments to target the pests that compromise the health and safety of your products and employees. Apollo Pest Management programs incorporate the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques and solutions designed to manage and mitigate pests, each commercial program is designed unique to your building.

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    Preventive Maintenance

    Preserving the safety of your employees and the integrity of your products is everything. Our PMPs will come up with a preventive measures plan of action best suited for your business, whilst complying with the guidelines and regulations for the use of insecticides/pesticides.

We Specialize In All Commercial Settings

Commercial Buildings

Apollo Pest Management programs incorporate the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques and solutions, specifically designed to manage and mitigate pests. Apollo’s experienced PMPs will inspect your facility, and design a unique program that best fits the needs of your business to ensure that your establishment stays pest free.


A spotlessly clean and pest free environment is a critical aspect in the healthcare industry. Be it a multi-building hospital complex to a small office of a local dentist or doctor. Poor sanitation is an open invitation for germs and pests, by working with the site staff to address these critical issues; Apollo thrives to provide a pest free environment. We uphold IPM methods and best practices to ensure patient and staff safety when using pesticides.

No Space Pest Program

Whether it is warehousing or storage for food products, consumer goods, or electronic gadgets, your warehouse facilities could be under the threat of a pest invasion. Infestations due to insects or rodents being brought in with goods or moving in from the outdoors can truly affect your business in a negative way. Having pest management in place is at the top of your list because your customers expect it as part of their Supplier Verification Programs.

Property Management & Multi-Storied Apartments

Apollo Pest Management provides round the year services to protect the families that reside in your properties. Our specialists will work with you to design a pest control program that is best suited to your multi-storied building, whilst keeping in mind the safe practices for the use of pesticides to protect the residents and pets.

Restaurants & Food Services Businesses

Full service or fast serve restaurants are highly attractive to pests since these facilities can provide easy access to everything they need for their survival – i.e., food, water, and shelter. Once they infiltrate, these pests – mostly cockroaches, rats, mice, and ants can wreak havoc on your business by contaminating food, and other areas of your establishment. These issues must be addressed before they impact your customers and the reputation of your business.

Pest Free Food Zone Program

Food processing plants are subjected to strict regulation and government audits that demand much more than most other industries. It demands the need for a pest-free environment and the restrictions/limitations on use of pesticides in the facility. Our expert PMPs undergo a continuing education program to ensure all safety protocols are being followed for the use of pesticides.

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