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Multi Residential Services

Pest free residences for your tenants

Apollo Pest Management provides round the year protection for the residents of your properties. By servicing the common areas of the building on a routine monthly schedule, we can keep pests at bay and out of your property. Apollo’s in-suite inspections and treatment approach ensures a quick, safe, and effective resolution to the infestations that directly affect the families that reside in your property.

Apollo Pest Management strives to provide a pest free environment for your family and pets. Our programs consist of regularly scheduled monthly visits for the inspections of the common areas as well as the exterior space of the buildings. In the rare event that your staff spot a pest issue sometime between our scheduled visits, simply give us a call and we will send over one of our experts to help you. Many pests for example, Pavement Ants, Wasps, and Mosquitoes have seasonal activity peaks. While indoor pests such as Cockroaches and Bedbugs are not affected by the seasons, we aim to work hard to target these pests before they can become a problem for you and your tenants.


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    Apollo Pest Management technicians follow IPM protocols to identify pest infestations, the source of the infestation and the migration patterns between residential units. During the inspection our technicians will identify any structural and sanitation concerns that may hinder the success of the treatment. A detailed report of our findings will be provided that also contains treatment recommendations, as well as safety guidelines and instructions on how to prepare the unit for treatment.

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    Pest Control Service

    Prior to the commencement of any treatment, our PMPs will ensure that the unit has been accurately prepared for the treatment. He or she will conduct a walkthrough of the unit to ensure that all pets and occupants have vacated the unit before any pesticides have been applied. Treatment of the targeted pests may require multiple visits, depending on the pest, the infestation volume, and the sanitation of the unit.

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    Pest Free Home

    That’s it! We will make a follow up visit to inspect the residential unit to ensure that it is free of pests.

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