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The Unwanted Tenants

Apollo Pest Management is dedicated to providing a safe and humane removal service.

Raccoons, Possums and Skunks are nocturnal and are most active during our sleeping hours. While Squirrels and birds sleep at night like most humans. A safe wildlife removal is a must because when you have animals living in your roof or under your shed or deck. In the ceiling they may damage the insulation, chew electrical wiring and contaminate with the area with their urine and feces. While living under a deck or a shed, they pose a threat to your children and pests as they are territorial and may attack.


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    Apollo’s wildlife and birds expert technicians will perform a thorough Inspection and advise you on the best and most cost effective options to address your concerns, in most cases there is always a need for sanitation, repairs and exclusion work to prevent new animals from invading your space.

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    Pest Control Service

    Treatment options can include exclusion such as proofing the building and it’s surroundings using netting. We may recommend live trapping and removal options in certain situation, while in other situation we may recommend the installation of one-way doors or other mechanical devices to safely remove the animals. In most cases live trapping and removal of wildlife will require multiple visits from our pest management professionals to resolve the issues.

    The fecal matter left behind from wildlife can transmit serious diseases if they were produced by an infected animal. The physical danger of and attack by a wild animal or the risk of getting sprayed by a skunk are high when you have these animals roaming around in your property.

  • Wildlife and birds carry and transmit diseases, some particularly nasty ones such as SARS, Rabies, and Salmonella which is a severe form of food poisoning. The Salmonella bacteria can be found in the bird droppings and also in the eggs of infected Birds. Fungal airborne diseases are also a problem with infected birds and we can develop quite serious illnesses not unlike a severe form of flu.

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